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Children’s Advisory Council

WEB Safe & Wise provides children with essential tools and guidance to safely navigate the online world and to share safe digital practices with their peers. A Children’s Advisory Council with youth members from across the globe plays a key role in determining how we plan, develop, and implement campaign activities.

Meet the council members

The Children’s Advisory Council ensures that young people across borders and continents have a voice in the fight for online safety. Meet our members.

What children are saying

Young people across the globe are coming together to share stories and take action to prevent online child sexual exploitation. Have a look at what they are saying.

Safely navigating the internet

The Internet is a great resource for learning, playing, and socializing, but it’s important to be aware of potential dangers. Learn some do’s and don’ts for safely navigating the online world.

Swipe Safe

ChildFund Australia developed Swipe Safe to help young people in developing countries skill up so they can safely navigate their lives online.

Get engaged

There are many ways children and young people can be involved to ensure responsible digital citizenship. Learn how you can engage!

Resources for young people

Have a look at our child-friendly materials, including our campaign overview and key definitions that explain what you should know and understand.

Creating A Better Digital World
With Children